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Starting A Business? Here’s The Best One To Start

A lot of people unknowingly take the difficult road to success when starting a business. They invest in business ventures that require a large up-front investment, often with no proven market to sell to.

I’m sure you’ve heard of people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get a business started. What they don’t realize is that there are just as many lucrative businesses that can be started with little to no start-up cost.

When starting a business, the best business you can start is one that requires little to no starting capital. The reason is you have a better chance of succeeding, and also, there’s more money left in each sales dollar for your profits after you pay any business expenses you may have.

This doesn’t mean that a business with high start-up costs is an unprofitable business. Instead, such a business can be highly profitable, if operated correctly. But to be as safe as possible, it is best that you start with a low start-up business. Once you gain some experience working in your own business, then consider a high investment business, if you wish.

The advantage to starting a low-cost business is that you can easily get started on money you save from your regular salary. However, with some businesses, you may need to invest in some inventory — items you will offer for sale– or marketing materials you may need to advertise your business.

But to keep your start-up costs as low as possible, and to better ensure your success, it is best to:

-Obtain orders before you invest in inventory.

-Use borrowed money for inventory purchases.

Before you get started, though, make sure there is profit potential, and a demand for your business. Why work in a low profit potential business when you can just as easily work in a high potential profit business? And why spend thousands of dollars to start a business, when in most cases, less than $300 will do?

If you put more of yourself and less of your money into your new business, you will be in profit sooner. If you must start a business, go for one that is simple, fast, and low-cost.

Starting a business involves you, your mind, and your energy. If you’re willing to invest a large amount of yourself and time in your business, you have a greater chance of success. Once you recognize the start-up and mental costs of starting and running a business, you’re well on your way towards wealth.

Thousands of people dream of starting a business and making money, but their dreams never materialize. That’s because they never take the time to analyze and put their quest for wealth into action.

So when starting a business, the best business you can start, is one with little to no start-up costs that brings in at least $2,000 per week.

The Future of e-Business – Revamping Your Website to Modernize and Revolutionize Your Business

Are you at a crossroads in your business and thinking about the best way to redevelop your website using Web 2.0 technologies? Has the arrival of social networking got you interested in exciting ways to operate your business online? If so, then you’re naturally at a positive junction in the growth of your business; I have several solutions that will both modernize and revolutionize your business at the same time – to get your website to the next level in every way!

First, let me provide an overview on my history and knowledge in this field. I am the President and CEO of Hudson Horizons, an e-Business product, solution and marketing company specializing in creating highly sophisticated customized websites and providing e-Marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses. The mission of our company is to develop websites for our clients in a way which will streamline their internal business processes and effectively position their business in their industry online.

Each website we create for our clients includes a highly sophisticated and comprehensive back-end system to completely manage and control their business online. Such administrative functions encompassed by our solutions include: Content Management, e-Invoicing and Online Payment Solutions, Custom Workflow Processes, Customer and User Management, Social Media Capabilities, SEO and e-Marketing Tools; the list goes on. Everything we do for our customer is 100% customized by us for their business. By doing this, we are able to supply our clients with solutions that increase sales, simplify their business tasks, offer online collaboration with their users, clients and employees, and offer a cost-effective solution that provides an immediate return on their investment.

Now that you are familiar with my background in this industry, let me offer several suggestions to revamp your website. If implemented, your website has a great chance to get to that next level – ultimately turning your business from an “ordinary business” into a “competitive e-business.”

Content Management

Content Management is a system that allows your business to easily manage certain components and areas of your website. Such areas that a Content Management System allow you to control include: page content, page names, images, pictures, news events, frequently asked questions, articles, blog posts, and other website areas of importance. Most quality Content Management Systems are form-based and require no HTML coding experience to manage these elements.

Content Management offers a cost effective way to make changes to your website without having to hire a web developer or designer to make these changes for you. My company foresees all e-businesses eventually benefiting from a CMS component, which will effectively manage their website on a routinely basis. A solid Content Management System is the foundation to any productive website in today’s Web 2.0 world. If you want to compete with the best then you have to utilize the finest tools. Implementing these advanced features will permit you to manage all areas of your website while keeping your overall operation costs down.

e-Invoicing and Online Payment Solutions

If your business focuses on product sales, would you benefit from collecting client payments through online means? If so, then an e-Invoicing or Online Payment Solution would be a great way to facilitate this process for you. There are various ways to setup an e-Invoicing and Payment Solution to process payments online. A few of the most popular methods include: Credit Cards processing, ACH and EFT transfers, Direct Deposits, PayPal integration, Google Checkout integration, and the list goes on.

Having a solution like this could truly bring your business up-to-date and allow you to focus more on growing your business and less time trying to manage the collection of payments from your clients and customers.

Here at Hudson Horizons, we use e-Invoicing to bill our clients via email. Our customers simply click a link in the email and complete their credit card details through a secure online payment form. Our system then processes their credit cards and the payment is deposited directly into our back account – it’s that simple. e-Invoicing isn’t all about making it easier for us as a business; it’s also a more convenient way for our clients to make payments since they no longer need to write checks and mail payments to us.

Custom Workflow Processes

If your business has specific internal business processes that are performed everyday, you might consider having this process completely automated through your own website. If this process takes time and requires documents, contracts or other materials to be created and distributed, consider setting up a dynamic web-based workflow process that does all this for you on-the-fly.

Turning a specific business task into a dynamic workflow process will inevitably save your business time, money and simplify your operations in a very short period of time. We’ve had much success doing this for our clients. Recently, we implemented such solutions for a client’s website, taking their wedding and event entertainment business to the next level. We set up a custom workflow process that now allows them to generate comprehensive event plans and contracts and electronically submit them to reception halls, bands, and clients in a few simple steps. This process now joins all the various parties that relate to an event in one simple-to-use system. This saved our client thousands of dollars per month and, because they require less time to manage daily operations and internal business processes, enabled them to take on more customers.

Customer and User Management

Having the ability to easily manage your customers and users in the back-end of your website is extremely important to the success of your business. Having this control within your website will enable you to: activate/disable accounts, reset passwords, view contact information, email users, track changes, view profiles, manage payments and view order history all in one centralized system.

Social Media Capabilities

Social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and media themselves.

Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. The social media sites typically use tools like message boards, forums, podcasts, bookmarks, communities, wikis, blogs/weblogs etc.

According to Wikipedia, a few prominent examples of social media applications are:

  • Wikis: Wikipedia
  • Social networking: MySpace and Facebook
  • Presence apps: Twitter and Jaiku
  • Video sharing: YouTube (video sharing)
  • Virtual Reality: Second Life
  • Events: Upcoming
  • News aggregation: Digg and Reddit
  • Photo sharing: Flickr and Zooomr
  • Livecasting:
  • Episodic online video: Stickham, YourTrumanShow
  • Media sharing: Izimi and Pownce
  • Social bookmarking:
  • Online gaming: World of Warcraft

At Hudson Horizons, we develop customized online social media and networking websites for any industry. Providing a social networking community for your members, clients and customers to interface, network, collaborate and obtain information is the future for every business. SEO and e-Marketing Tools

Everyday, millions of people use search engines to find information on products and services. However, most people generally only visit the first few results of the search, causing helpful yet poorly-ranked sites to go unnoticed. Without top positions, your site could be overlooked as well. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that your site has every opportunity to be discovered.

As the Internet continues to dramatically increase in the number of users and websites, companies face more competition everyday. In order to keep your website competitive and its ranking as high as possible, you must execute what is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and continually perform e-Marketing Services to keep your website fresh and in the eye of your target audience.

Three of the most important and easy-to-implement SEO tactics are: content and keyword development, updates to META Tags, and search engine friendly URLs. You can find many SEO tools on the Internet to help you ease the process of SEO and e-Marketing.

Using FREE or paid SEO and e-Marketing tools and services is a great way to generate more exposure, ultimately increasing traffic to your website. It’s extremely important to not only build a “kick-ass” website but to also market and perform SEO on a consistent basis. I recommend speaking to a professional e-Marketing and SEO Company to help increase the awareness of your website online.

So as you can see, there are many things to think about when revamping your website and this is just a preliminary list to get you headed in the right direction. As the Web becomes increasingly important for every business to survive and compete with their competition it’s important that you not only focus on creating a new design but also think about ways to simplify, modernize and revolutionize your business with a custom back-end system. You’d be amazed what can be done with your website… All you have to do is dream it! As our company saying goes, “If you can dream it, we can do it”.

I hope this article opens your eyes and provides a little insight to help you get your business to that next level. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I will be glad to help. I wish you all much success!

Building Your Home Business System

Many home based businesses fail within six months of starting. This is usually because the new business owner has not put in place, the proper systems to run a home based business. In this article I’ve included a few tips that should help you to organize your new business.

Office space

It is important to have a proper workplace for your home business. Many people try to work out of their garage or a corner of their bedroom or even in a portion of the family room. This tends to cause disorganization. Curious children getting into things in your workspace can also be a problem. If you don’t have a specific space set aside for your home based business you need to make one.

Set up an office space specifically for your business, even if most of your work is done outside of your home (as with building contractors or plumbers). Setting up a specific desk, file cabinet, and telephone line for your business is important. If you don’t have a room in your home that is exclusively used for your business, you need to have at least a portion of a room set aside. This area shouldn’t be used for anything else.


Your home base business should have its own telephone number and an answering machine set up specifically for your business. If your clients can get a hold of you via the telephone you need to have a way for them to contact your online. Sharing your home telephone line with your home based business can cause problems. If you have teenagers or other family members who are prone to use the telephone a lot you may not get an important business calls. Setup rules for your business phone. It should be used for business use only. Whoever answers your business phone needs to do it in a professional manner. This is important if you want your business to be taken seriously.

Organizing Data and Supplies

Your office should have a secure filing cabinet to organize your business documents. You should keep all important data in this filing cabinet. All receipts and other forms need to be kept where you are not going to lose them. It’s also important to keep documents and other business related materials put away so that someone doesn’t spell something on them. Losing important paperwork can be very costly for your home based business. Selling products that look like your children have been playing with them is also not good for your business.


Data on your computer should be password protected. If you don’t password protect your business documents it’s possible that children or even other family members can go in and accidentally delete your home based business data. Losing computerized business records can also be very costly for a new home based business.

Financial Management System

Another big mistake that new home business owners tend to make is not having a separate financial management system for their business and your own money. Your business should have its own bank account. You should give yourself a payday. Avoid giving your self advances, even when you feel you have earned them. Keeping track of business expenditures is important. If your financial records are mingled in with your grocery shopping it’s going to become very difficult to keep track of funds.